The board of directors of US Latino Affairs Initiatives composed of Chairman Jesús Carrión, Vice chairman César Lasso, secretary Olga Martinez, treasurer Luz Saygili and Board Member Fredy Rosado; analyzed the possibility of having a positive impact on the number of people with resident status in the United States that could obtain citizenship. In this meeting the need was evaluated for eligible people who often do not have time and who need support so that one day they could be US Citizens.

One of the determining factors of the discussion was that in various communities in the State of New Jersey, there are areas where Spanish is the most widely spoken language and where Hispanic inhabitants have lived for many years; For The US Latino Affairs Initiatives it is an objective to empower the community, it is pertinent to do everything possible so that the eligible residents of the United States are supported in an efficient, effective and professional manner.
Hence, an opportunity was found in the support center of the Center for Hispanic Policy, Research and Development, opened a grant for non-profit organizations with the capacity and infrastructure to support and streamline the application process of eligible individuals for citizenship to the United States of America

Chairman of the Board

Originally from Ecuador, South America; Mr. Carrión is a businessman and philanthropist who is characterized by his love for people in general, who dedicates himself to working for them, selflessly seeking their progress and well-being.

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Mr. Lasso is a businessman of Colombian origin in the beauty industry, Mr. Lasso employs more than 30 people directly between Colombia and the United States, his knowledge of the beauty industry has made him the first Latino…


She is a native of Guatemala, her experience in leadership positions in non-profit organizations is extensive, her commitment to the community has led her to be director of community outreach for the federal JOB CORP program…


Ms. Saygili is from Colombia. Her work performance has made her an expert in labor compensation, in the same way her knowledge of the Hispanic community has made her one of the most important representatives of the company…

Board Member

Mr. Rosado is from Puerto Rico. All his life he has lived in the capital of New Jersey, Trenton. Mr. Rosado is an entrepreneur and owner of one of the franchises with the highest volume of sales at the national level of McDonalds.