The United States Latino Affairs 

She is a native of Guatemala, her experience in leadership positions in non-profit organizations is extensive, her commitment to the community has led her to be director of community outreach for the federal JOB CORP program, during her role she made strategic alliances with leaders and politicians in central New Jersey. 

Recently, Mrs. Martinez has been an extremely important volunteer for the US Latino Affairs Initiatives; She has directed the distribution of several tons of food for the city of Trenton and New Brunswick, as well as, in her role as a volunteer, she has made immense contributions 

to The Latino Spirit and US Latino Affairs, providing specific information about her knowledge of the operations. of non-profit organizations. 

Mrs. Martinez resides in the city of Linden, where she is also a Latina who helps Hispanics who do not speak English in the education process of their children. She also generates employment and directs one of the most important clubs at Princeton University and is the proud mother of a boy and a girl.

Mr. Carrión is a successful entrepreneur who also supports the civic processes of the city of Harrison, Newark, Elizabeth and Trenton, where there are large Latino communities.