HABLAMOS TECNOLOGÍA Convención 2023, New York USA

Participating Latinamerican countries, represented by their top collegiate talent will be presenting in Spanish several topics that are key to the Latino population of the United States. Topics ranging from Technology in Business, Home, Health and Gaming will be analyzed and presented in terms easy to understand for Spanish speaking individuals from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Sponsors are signing up to have access to hundreds of possible customers. The Latino community in the United States makes up a combined GDP exceeding France and Canada if the community would be a country.

Corporations in the banking, health, telecommunications, automotive industries will have a chance to experience first-hand latino customer needs while having access to top level university students from Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic – Puerto Rico has been invited. If you would like to sponsor a team of students from another country please ( CLICK HERE ) Corporations who sponsor the first event will get a 45% discount of the sponsorship package of 2024. ( CLICK HERE FOR SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE ) CONFERENCE CAPACITY 2500 SIGN UP TO RECEIVE UPDATES ON THIS CONFERENCE Click here