Diego F. Maya.
Founder – Executive Director

Diego F. Maya is the Founder and Executive Director of the United States Latino Affairs Initiatives, New Jersey’s most social media active media organizations for Hispanics. He is a trusted multimedia expert and champion for creating empowering spaces that generate inspiration and confidence physically advancing the Latino community. Prior to founding USLAI, Diego was the President of I See Digital Media, LLC, New Jersey’s first company to print and publish the Spanish Yellow Pages in 2001. During this 7 year endeavor, he designed, edited, printed and distributed the publication growing from a four page newsletter with 100 editions to a 120 page full color resource sponsored by Fortune 500s in Spanish with 100,000 copies. The Latino community recognized Diego’s efforts and he became a known trusted visionary within the colombian, mexican, guatemalan, dominican and puerto rican circles of the garden state.

…to be continued